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All about living in Jersey City for Indians

New Jersey is ever trending with the culture of India; it is one of the prominent cities which most Indians prefer to relocate to. In fact, if the relocation is not feasible, they would make it for the weekend being fascinated with the wide spread desi community. 

Indians in New Jersey

Commonly seen are men and women dressed in the Indian culture and strolling in the shopping avenue and the worship places. The scent of the Indian spices brings the experience of India to the USA. Shopping of the Indian stuff includes groceries, spices, clothes, accessories, jewellery, pooja items and much more. 

Here is the fact, the New Jersey has the census estimation of 4.1% of 

The New Jersey population is of Indian origin. 

The Significance

The significant fact is the New York, New Jersey metropolitan region organizes the largest Indian Independence Day parade every August 15th in Little India, Edison and New Jersey. The well-known fact of NJ being dominant in innovation in the field of technology and science. They also excel in manufacturing and the top Indian pharmaceutical companies are present in New Jersey. 

The Top Cities

New Jersey being located near New York proves affordable and its calmness attracts the many to relocate. The best places for the Indians to choose to live in NJ are Gold Coast, Edgewater, North Bergen, West New York, Edison, Iselin and few others.

  1. Edgewater is affordable with the average rental home of $2000, surrounded with beauty and calmness. Seek a comfortable and less populated stay with the many from the desi community.
  2. North Bergen being 10 miles away is another great place along the Hudson River. Can opt for less expensive accommodation and most preferred by young professionals.
  3. One of the densely populated cities in New Jersey is West New York, yet seems an affordable place to live. The scenic view is another attraction.
  4. Edison, being ranked as the best city with great history and densely populated, is known for the Menlo Park Laboratory of Thomas Alva Edison where the sound was first recorded and the incandescent light bulb was invented. 
  5. Iselin is a kind of suburban city close to NY, preferred by the desi community for its serene and calm experience throughout the day. The connectivity to New York is swift and easy. 

More sense of Indian base

The various available news publications in English are India Abroad, Little India, News India Times, The Indian American, The South Asian Times and Taranga in New Jersey. 

The languages most fluent in English and other Indian languages that can be heard are Hindi, Guajarati Marathi, Punjabi, Bengali, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada and Maithili. 

When it comes to food, the growth of Indian restaurants is exponential and most of the flagship chain restaurants in India are found there. The Indian restaurant, grocery stores are found in ample.

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