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A guide to Indian immigrants to the New York

The love for the New York city grows beyond the unnerving fear of Indians landing abroad, the immigrants to the United States is growing and particularly to New York city which has ranked with the highest of the Indian population living in the NY city. All the preparations to travel from India would have been taken care of and once the landing in the dream country would set you on the search for many requirements. 


The foremost daunting task would be finding an apartment in NY city. Most landlords expect financial stability and one has to prove the salary of minimum 40 times of the rent. Even the potential US tenants find the challenges like the credit score, tax returns, reference etc. It is better to get a letter of recommendation from your US employer acknowledging your job title, duration, salary and reference. In some cases, a guarantor may be expected where he gets responsible when you are unable to pay the rent. You have options to rent a single family home, apartment, town homes, condos and it can be for single or shared rooms.   

Experience accomplishment with this platform to find desi people for rentals. Connect in the right accommodation designed to your preferences that makes it incredible to live or stay at the flexibility of rental homes in the USA, single family homes for rent, homes for rent, apartment for rent. Your need for rental homes becomes a game changer with this dedicated desi portal that expands your freedom. Find one here 

Post your requirement here for free and get hooked with the right choice for living in no time you have options to choose from the categories.


When moving to a new city it is exhaustive to find a compatible roommate. You may be on the lookout for the desi roommate to share the comfort of the origin and culture. Do not have to compromise over it, you should be finding one in a few searches and the best that is suggested is to post your requirement in an online listing portal. 

Book your accommodation here with Desi Roommates in the USA, discovering your roommate with the preference of desi roommate. Your co-living becomes extraordinary finding the right roommate with your anticipated preferences. Check them out here 

Available are the choices to seek for the need of roommates in USA for room sharing, rooms for rent, single room for rent, shared roommates for rent, paying guest, Indian roommates in the listing. Post an ad for free here

IT training and services

Coming to the skill development part, you would be on look out for the skill development courses that are offered online training, In-class IT training or any placement services. There are many such training services provided in NY city and they are listed in which is available to you in a single search

 Further if you intend to find something specific you could post your requirement in the ad for the service providers to reach you instantly to help you decide on the best and the most convenient possible. No more wait list business at does it now for free. 

Restaurants services

This is another prime aspect to get introduced with the best restaurant for your daily food. You can find the restaurants, catering services, homemade foods, food delivery, sweet shops, bakeries, beverage supplies, cooking services, candy and chocolate stores in and around NY city. is the USA’s most dedicated Desi portal; you will find choices for your restaurant needs that are closest to you. The Desi Catering Services does include Desi homemade food in the USA where the specialization goes with North Indian food or South Indian food in the USA  .

Be sure to plan outright and act smart, the right advice here would be to post an ad of your requirement in and the transformation as they are a dedicated desi portal to serve the needs of the Indians in the USA. 

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