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7 Wealthiest Indian-origin Americans ethnic cluster in the USA

The top Indian-Americans in the USA who are the wealthiest, highly educated and most prominent personalities. The annual list from the various forums brings out this remarkable list based on the standing net worth. They are all individuals with Indian origin who are inspiring personalities in the business world.

Mr. Jay Chaudhury

Mr. Jay Chaudhury

Remarkable! Meet the stirring Mr. Jay Chaudhury, the CEO of zscaler who’s net worth has scaled up with $10 billion from the past year 2020 and now reaching $16.3 billion. This has also scaled up his ranking to 45th position from 85th position. Being the founder of 5 efficacious tech companies  AirDefense – a wireless security firm, CipherTrust – the first mail security gateway, CoreHarbor – e-commerce solution, SecureIT – Internet security service and Zscaler – a security firm. 

This great visionary personality proves legacy in achievement and quotes, “I have always thought about challenging the status quo with new ideas-that has been the common theme in all my start-ups.”

Mr. Vinod Khosla

Amazing to know that the founder of Khosla Ventures  who ranks 92nd place with a net worth of $8.6 billion at the age of 66 is the second richest Indian in the USA. 

Graduated in IIT Delhi was proficient in Indian Capital before his post-graduation of MBA from Stanford during 1980. He co-founded Sun Microsystems and in later years he left and became a venture capitalist. Khosla Ventures was founded in 2004 in California. 

Mr. Rakesh Gangwal

Incredible, the 3rd in the list of Indian-Americans wealth and ranked 253rd globally. He is the co-founder of Interglobe Aviation with the net worth of $4.5 billion which is a steep rise from $2.3billion as per the past year. 

Graduated in IIT Kanpur and had an MBA from Wharton School of Pennsylvania. Having served as an Executive VP for Air France

Mr. Romesh Wadhwani

The most inspiring Mr. Romesh Wadhwani is the 4th personality in the list, he is the founder and CEO of Symphony Technology Group with a net worth of$3.4 billion at the age of 74. He ranks 333rd in the global list. 

Having graduated from IIT Bombay and with masters followed by doctorate from Carnegie Mellon University. 

Mr. Niraj Shah

Be Astonished, meeting the 5th in the Indian American list of wealthiest with the net worth of $3.4 billion at the age of 47 living in Boston. He is the CEO of Online retailer Wayfair who has scaled up his net worth from $2.8 billion to $3.4 billion since the past year. 

This youngest wealthiest graduate from Cornell University lives in Boston, he became the director of Federal Reserve Bank of Boston in 2017. 

Mr. Aneel Bhusri

Far-fetched, the CEO of Workday ranks 363 globally and in the Indian origin list he grabs 6th position with the net worth of $3.2 billion at the age of 55. 

Having his base at Pittsford, New York also partnered with Greylock, the software investment funding company. 

Mr. Baiju Bhatt

Amazing to note the youngest Indian American who holds 7th position in the list along with the 389th place globally. Being the founder of Robinhood, a financial services company, he completed graduation in Mathematics at Stanford University. Having grown up in Virginia he currently lives in Palo Alto, California. If You are a desi business owner you can add your business listing in - the ultimate business portal for Indians in the USA.

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